Selling artworks   |   Purchasing artworks   |   Delivery, cancellation, etc.   |   How to handle the work


Selling artworks

  1. Artworks

    The works sold on PURE SHODO are all one-of-a-kind original works by our calligraphers.

  2. How we sell

    Works on PURE SHODO are sold in the following ways:

    Consignment sales from calligraphers

    PURE SHODO has a sales contract with the calligrapher who created the works. The works are kept by the calligrapher and PURE SHODO, and PURE SHODO collects and manages the sale, the price, and the management. Some works will be shipped from the calligrapher.

  3. Inquiries about works on PURE SHODO

    PURE SHODO will respond by mediating between customers and calligraphers.

  4. Changing the prices

    Please note that we may revise the prices during on sale. Our mission is to enhance the value of calligraphy works. We will strive to raise the price of our works through awareness-raising activities and public relations activities.

  5. About the work that the sale ends

    For works that have already been purchased and out of stock, display SOLD OUT. By continuing to publish past works, you can trace the change of the calligrapher's style. As an artist who is changing the calligrapher every day, i would like to ask you to support them.


Selling artworks   |   Purchasing artworks   |   Delivery, cancellation, etc.   |   How to handle the work


Purchasing artworks

  1. Questions about the work

    If you would like to confirm your work before purchasing, please contact us by the following methods. In that case, please specify the name of the calligrapher, the name of the work, and the url of the work.

    From the "Contact Us" page

    From pure SHODO support email address

  2. How to buy

    Please purchase from the shopping cart. At this time, PURE SHODO does not have any actual stores.

  3. About the exhibition of the work

    At the moment, PURE SHODO does not have a real store and cannot see the actual work, but if there are many requests, we will hold an exhibition.

  4. How to pay

    Please pay by credit card. Pure SHODO's payment process uses the services provided by Shopify payment.

  5. About delivery

    The work will be sent to Japan for free shipping. For overseas delivery, it costs the actual fee. We will send you an email to let you know that the shipment is complete. You cannot choose a shipping company. It is not possible to specify the date and time.

    In Japan

    Free shipping. It takes two weeks to deliver.

    Outside Japan

    Shipping costs. It takes two to three weeks to deliver.

  6. About the mounting

    The state of the appearance is clearly stated on the individual work details page. There are the following types of mounting:

    • Panel

      The work is put on a wooden frame.

    • Framed

      The work is put in the frame.

    • Scroll

      Kakejiku hanging scroll

    • Screen

      Byobu screen

    • backing only

      Works are reinforced by putting another Japanese paper etc. on the back. You can mount it your own style.


Selling artworks   |   Purchasing artworks   |   Delivery, cancellation, etc.   |   How to handle the work


Delivery, cancellation, etc.

  1. About delivery

    Domestic delivery

    It is free shipping in Japan. It takes two weeks later. We do not support both shipping company designation and date and time specification. We will send you an email with an announcement of the completion of shipment.

    International shipping

    Shipping costs. It takes two to three weeks later. At this moment, we collect the cost automatically for the shipping for US only. If you are the customers living other countries, please contact us before purchasing.

    If you want to send Sho artworks as a gift to your friends from a domestic to overseas, please contact us before purchasing.

  2. Accident of the delivery

    We have shipping insurance in case of an accident. If there is damage to the packaging due to a delivery accident, and also damage to the work, please contact us immediately by 3 days. We will respond. We may ask you to take a picture of the state or save the actual thing.

  3. Returns and exchanges

    We can not accept returns or exchanges at your convenience, so please consider carefully before purchasing.

  4. Cancellation

    Cancellation will be accepted within 24 hours after the settlement is completed. After that, we will not be able to cancel the order at your convenience, as the order processing proceeds. Please consider it thoroughly before purchasing.


Selling artworks   |   Purchasing artworks   |   Delivery, cancellation, etc.   |   How to handle the work


How to handle the work

  1. Features of calligraphy

    Paper and Sumi ink are used as calligraphy tradition. Both are made in Japan and China and have different characteristics, so they can be chosen by the calligrapher. Some calligraphers prefer old paper. The materials are very delicate, so there might be wrinkles and tear, but it is normal condition.

    Some calligraphers choose various materials. In such works, you can feel the spirit of the calligrapher who extends the calligraphy tradition.

  2. About the place where the work is displayed

    Please avoid direct sunlight , lighting and the wind of air conditioning.

  3. About the work of the panels and the hanging screens

    Please be careful not to touch the surface of the work directly. It may cause dirt and stains. It is best to have you handle it with gloves.

  4. About storage

    Please be careful of mold. It is recommended to be dried in the shade on a low humidity day.

  5. If the work gets hurt

    Please contact us to find out your local Shodo store or picture framer.