New Year Exhibitions (Pure Shodo's Artists)

New Year Exhibitions (Pure Shodo's Artists)

Happy New Year, 2020! Now, we would like to introduce two new year's exhibitions.

Happy New Year, 2020!

Since we opened our online gallery in last September, the number of accesses has gradually increased. We want more people to see this exciting movement, like "Jamp from calligraphy to art." The movement is still small but will have a big impact on people who are insecure about self-expression. The movement hasn't got its name yet, and even calligraphers don't recognize it yet so much. But, we will make all that happen.

Now, we would like to introduce two new year's exhibitions.

The first is a must-see event. ISHII Houtan the calligrapher whom Pure Shodo respect and admire will show the abstract art performance at the "2020 Contemporary Calligraphy New Year Exhibition" on January 7th start at 13 o'clock. This is the annual New Year's exhibition held at the same venue near Ginza Mitsukoshi every year, the works of 123 people will be introduced altogether. If there is a woman who is taking photos of the close-up of Master ISHII, it might be me. Please feel free to talk to me :)

Period: from January 3 (Fri) to 9 (Thu) 2020, Free entry

[23 Calligraphers at Wako Hall]
Venue: Wako Main Building 6F (4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Time: 10:30 to 19:00 (noon to 18:00 on 3rd, 17:00 closing on 9th)

Gallery talk & autograph session [Every day from 15:00]
6th (Mon): 鬼頭墨峻 (Kanji)
7th (Tue): 室井玄聳 (Kanji)
8th (Wed): 下谷洋子 (Kana)
9th (Thu): 船本芳雲 (modern Japanese poetry)

[100 Calligraphers at Central Museum]
Venue: Central Museum Ginza (3-9-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Pulp and Paper Hall, 5th floor)
Time: 10:00 to 18:00 (noon to 18:00 on 3rd, 17:00 closing on 9th)

Demonstration [Every day from 13:00]
6th (Mon): 鎌田紗和 (modern Japanese poetry), 澤江抱石 (writing a few numbers of kanji), 鈴木一敬 (Kanji)
7th (Tue): 石井抱旦 ISHII Houtan (avant-garde), 小山對山 (modern Japanese poetry), 竹田晃堂 (Kana)

Commentary [Every day from 13:00]
8th (Wed.): 尾崎 學 (writing a few numbers of kanji), 竹市求仙 (carving), 那須大卿 (seal carving), 福田鷲峰 (modern Japanese poetry)
9th (Thursday): 半田藤扇 (Kanji), 丸尾鎌使 (Avant-garde), 吉田久美子 (Kana)

Another exhibition is OGAWA Izan's a solo show, "Sectional Images 2020: 秘すれば花 part1 / 心如工画師 Ⅲ". The words "秘すれば花" means 'If it is hidden, it is the Flower; if it is not hidden, it is not the Flower.'" This word is from Zeami (世阿弥 1362-1442)'s "Fushikaden (風姿花伝)." "心如工画師" is a word written in the Kegon Sutra and means "Our hearts are like a good painter who draws a picture freely. We create the world as our heart see." It is a scripture that preached the existence of Buddha that transcended space and time, and it seems to be a word that expresses the size of such a work of the mind. Master OGAWA holds a solo exhibition many times a year. He said that his show has already been going to hold five times this year. Every time he creates new works, it is surprised by his creativity and inspiration. This is your chance to see his latest works and to enjoy talking with the artist.

[Sectional Images 2020: 秘すれば花 part1 / 心如工画師 Ⅲ]

Period: January 5 (Sun)-15 (Wed), 2020 Free admission
Hours: 11: 00-18: 00 (Please note that it is closed on Friday 10th and closes at 16:00 on the last day)
Venue: d-lab gallery (5-2-15 101A, Toyooka, Iruma-shi, Saitama)
Get out of the ticket gate of Iruma Station, go straight, cross the overpass, and walk for 10 minutes. Next to the Chinese restaurants "Kirin".




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